“…Fromm’s new drawings possess a near demonic energy…these dark visions, executed with frenzied expressionist strokes in varying combinations of mixed mediums…are concerned with universal themes…They force us to identify with writhing or contorted figures whose nudity is devoid of sensuality by evoking those moments of life that reduce us to our quivering meat essence.” “Fromm denudes [the act of drawing] of the distancing device of aesthetics”

-Ed McCormack, Gallery and Studio, Nov/Dec 2010/Jan2011



“The enduring quality of abstraction is its ability to arouse visceral reactions regardless of the viewer’s frame of reference.  The power of line, in the work of Jessica Fromm, performs as an emotional quality or energy and as a structural, organizing force that intrigues the viewer and encourages a desire to see what the next new work will be; what new contradictions will exist, what new surprises she can create.

- Judith Landsman, Curator

“Fromm’s exploration of the painted line expressively subverts the rational structure of her compositions in exciting, unexpected ways…her paintings are imbued with an emotional resonance…Fromm’s new paintings are important not only because they make spare, set elements remarkably expressive, but because they make color, light and texture inseparable.”

- Ed McCormack, Gallery and Studio, Nov/Dec 2008-2009



“Much of the appeal of the entire series derives from how successfully Fromm juxtaposes freedom and precision, making the newly introduced geometric elements in her compositions expressive and even sensual by virtue of her skills as colorist, as well as her exquisite, unexpected and never rigid spatial appointment.”

-Ed McCormack, Gallery and Studio, Feb/March 2007


NEW WORK, 2004

“Abstraction comes naturally…to Fromm…given her innate gift for form, gesture, color and that increasingly elusive quality called ’touch’.  [These paintings] exemplifying the kinds of vital dialogues between diverse artists over time…[are] highly original statements in which Fromm addresses other painters sympathetically in her own voice.”

- Ed McCormack, Gallery and Studio, Sept/Oct 2004



In following Jessica Fromm’s development I find there is a logic as well as a surprise.  In retrospect one could say, “but of course”, yet these oils function in a most surprising, complex way.  At first glance, one is seduced by the paint handling – light, assured, gestural arabesques.  But hardly does the surface stay surface.  Space is multi-layered, dense or sometimes open, but most important, the element of time s what is essential. If viewed contemplatively, these paintings dance with time, change direction in time.  This will all happen, and more, when the viewer takes time.

-Jean Cohen, Artist and Writer



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